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chuck's Challenge 3D

At Niffler we believe that games should not simply be a passive experience, so we publish

games that are fun to play & make

Our aim is to develop games that are not only great to play, but also allow the player to create their own content using tools that are as simple to use as playing the games themselves.

Chuck's Challenge 3D on Steam for PC, Mac & Linux

Chuck's Challenge 3D is on PC, Mac & Linux via Steam

Our cloud based platform runs our 5 games:

  1. Chuck's Challenge 3D
  2. Ben 10 Game Generator 3 - iOS
  3. Ben 10 Game Generator 2 - iOS
  4. Ben 10 Game Generator 1 - iOS
  5. Chuck's Challenge - iOS

With our player base make & share levels:

  • 4,000,000+ Player Accounts
  • 400,000+ Monthly Active Users
  • 50,000+ User Created Levels

Chuck's Challenge 3D

Chuck's Challenge 3D is new and improved third version that's on Steam for PC, Mac & Linux and Google Play for lots of Android phones & tablets.


Ben 10 Game Generator Series & Chuck's Challenge have been both launched on the iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, and are available now on iTunes.

Ben 10 Game Generator

Chuck's Challenge Apple App Store

Chuck's Challenge
Ben 10 Game Generator

Both games not only include over 50 levels to tease the brain and challenge the fingers, but also feature an intuitive level editor so that players can create and share levels.

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